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For BHA Residents

Brookline Housing Authority

90 Longwood Avenue, Brookline, MA 02446
Tel: 617-277-2022    Fax: 617-277-1462    TTD: 1-800-545-1833, Ext. 213



resident Services


Brookline Housing Authority staff has partnered with other agencies that provide our residents and Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher holders living in Brookline with services that: help the elderly and disabled continue to live in their apartments; advance the educational boundaries of children and parents; provide skills and experience for employment; and so much more. Please review the programs below and take advantage of any or all of them that suit your situation. Each program can point to many success stories and we would like your's to be one.


If you feel that you need help to arrange services for any of the listed agencies or one of the many that is not listed, please do not hesitate to call your manager for assistance. All communication is held in the strictest of confidence.


Springwell (formerly West Suburban Elder Services) - 617-926-4100

Springwell provides many short and long term assistance options for seniors and for individuals with disabilities such as house cleaning, bathing, dressing, transportation, meals, shopping and laundry. Two of our elderly/disabled buildings, O'Shea (61 Park Street) and Sussman (50 Pleasant Street) have Springwell coordinators on site. See or call your manager for more information.

Brookline Center - 617-277-8107

Brookline Center provides outpatient mental health care and social services on a sliding-scale fee depending on income. Brookline Center staff work on a confidential basis with many of our residents: elderly, children and families.


BHA is proud to be associated with such a dedicated and caring group of professionals that has help so many of our residents during difficult times in their lives.


Brookline Center also has mediation services and administers the Community Fund.

Steps to Success - 617-879-4638

Steps to Success (STS) is a comprehensive educational achievement program providing academic, social development and family support for low-income students and their families.  Working with students in Grades 4-12, the program seeks to break through the attitudes and substantive barriers -both personal & institutional - that can make it difficult for students to succeed in school and pursue a college education.


STS addresses these barriers by establishing programs of:

  • academic enrichment and mentoring
  • work connections for youth
  • early college awareness & readiness
  • family support services.

If your child is not in this program, please call Steps to Success today and put her/him on to the road towards success.

Next Steps Program - 617-566-6011

Next Steps helps adults to write or revise resumes, find employment, and pursue continuing education opportunities including GED, certificate programs, two- and four-year colleges and job/skills training. Our staff person, Grace Watson,, has helped many residents towards a better life - give her a call.


Grace's office is located in the Trustman Apartments' Computer Learning Center.

The Family Learning Centers - 617-566-8795

BHA computer rooms are open to all residents. They are located at our Trustman Apartments, Walnut/22 High Streets and High Street Veterans developments. In the Family Learning Centers, children are given training in computers after school and during the summer, and adults are instructed in skills often needed for employment or advancement. Call Jody Garber or e-mail her at Learn how to use computers, sign up for e-mail and check out the Internet. All services are free of charge. Beginners are welcome.

Classes are also given in our elderly/disabled buildings. Call or e-mail Jody to find out when the next class begins in your building.

Brookline Learning Project - English as a Second Language (ESL) -

ESL classes are held in our developments. It gives our residents a chance not only to learn English with others who don't speak English, but to meet people and learn skills that will help them in every day life. The Brookline Learning Project is part of the Steps to Success program.

Brookline Adult and Community Education Program - 617-730-2700

Brookline Adult and Community Education has many courses to offer and among them are GED and medical office skills. Some scholarships are available for income eligible households.

Brookline Council on Aging/Brookline Senior Center - 617-730-2777

The Brookline Council on Aging is a Town agency responsible for planning, coordinating and providing comprehensive services for Brookline residents age 60 and over.


The Brookline Senior Center is a Town gathering place dedicated to enriching the aging experience for Brookline seniors.


The Council on Aging provides all sorts of services for the elderly such as BETS (taxi discount coupons), Elderbus, legal advice, health screening clinics and so much more.

Veteran's Affairs

The Town's office of Veterans Affairs helps Brookline veterans file for benefits of all kinds.

The Town of Brookline

The Town of Brookline has many programs for its citizens and its website is very much worth looking at.

The Public Schools

For information about Brookline's public schools from pre-school through the twelfth grade, continuing education courses, summer school, enrichment programs, and numerous athletic opportunities go to

Fraud and Abuse of Program

The vast majority of residents on our subsidized programs follow DHCD or HUD rules and regulations. A few, as happens in every aspect of life, choose to take advantage of our programs and commit fraud.


The BHA vigorously investigates fraud and aggressively prosecutes the perpetrators. When fraud is discovered, housing assistance may be terminated, restitution will be sought and, in some cases, information is handed over to the appropriate authorities for possible criminal prosecution.


We advise that residents who have or are committing fraud or know of someone that may be in violation of the program's regulations to contact their manager or program representative so that a less drastic resolution than loss of residency/subsidy and prosecution may be considered.