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volunteering & benefactors



If you have a skill that would in any way help our elderly, disabled, kids or parents, we would love to hear from you.


Volunteers help in our The Family Learning Centers. The Family Learning Centers consist of impressive computer rooms located in three of our family developments: Trustman Apartments, Walnut Street Apartments, and High Street Veteran Apartments. In the Family Learning Centers, children are given access and training in computers after school and during the summer months, and adults are instructed in skills often needed for employment.

The Family Learning Centers' programs are administered by the BHA's Jody Garber, 617-566-8795, Donations of equipment are often welcomed. Please call for specifications.

The Family Learning Center Progam also provides on site computer access and training for elderly and disabled residents. Many of our senior residents now use e-mail to stay in touch with family and friends. Can Skype be far behind?


Our Next Steps program, focuses on helping adults to write or revise resumes, find employment, and pursue continuing education opportunities including GED, certificate programs, two- and four-year colleges and job/skills training.


We understand that people who would like to volunteer often don't have the time. We use donations for some of the following programs.