Current Voucher Holder Information

Important Links and Information

  • Services For BHA HCV Holders Living in Brookline

    • BHA staff has partnered with other agencies to provided social services, educational opportunities, resume writing and employment search assistance as well as other programs for Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher holders that live in the Town of Brookline. Please look at our For Residents page in this site to review the services we offer.         

  • Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

    • In January 2006, President Bush signed a law known as the Violence Against Women (VAWA). Portions of this law create new protections for victims of domestic violence, dating violence and stalking who are residents in public housing or who are assisted with section 8 rental assistance.

    • You may view or download BHA's Section 8 Administrative Plan section on VAWA and the notification sent tenants by clicking here.

  • Fraud and Program Abuse

    • The vast majority of residents on our subsidized programs follow DHCD or HUD rules and regulations. A few, as happens in every aspect of life, choose to take advantage of our programs and commit fraud.

    • The BHA vigorously investigates fraud and aggressively prosecutes the perpetrators. When fraud is discovered, housing assistance may be terminated, restitution will be sought and, in some cases, information is handed over to the appropriate authorities for possible criminal prosecution.

    • We advise that residents who have or are committing fraud or know of someone that may be in violation of the program's regulations to contact their manager or program representative so that a less drastic resolution than loss of residency/subsidy and prosecution may be considered.

  • Examples of Fraud and Abuse

    • Unauthorized occupant in  unit or failure to report former occupant has left household

    • Failure to report all income for all family members or to report income in a timely manner

    • Subsidized unit is not principle place of residence or subleasing of unit

    • Illegally renting from a family member